How to Retrieve Custom Fields Data from Ultimate Member plugin Database

Where Does Ultimate Member Store User Data

Ultimate Member users sometimes face trouble locating where the form data is stored. UM stores the user data in the wp_users and wp_usermeta tables. It saves the meta key as the field key. Ultimate Member stores data in the DB tables *options, *postmeta, *posts, *um_metadata, *usermeta, *users (where * is your Database tables prefix). 

If you turned ON the setting “Enable custom table for usermeta” to use this feature. Then Ultimate Member may use this table to speed up search members in the member directory.  The database table “{prefix}um_metadata” is optional. This table is used only by the search engine in the member directory. Don’t use this table for retrieving and showing data. 

View Form Data from WordPress Dashboard

To view the submitted user data, you can check it in the WP Admin > Users > Hover on any of the users in the list to see the “Info” link > click on that link and it will show the submitted data.

You can also check the submitted data in the Profile Form. See the Profile page generated by UM on first activation. It should be in

You can add fields from Register form to Profile via UM Form Builder. Please go to WP Admin > Ultimate Member > Forms > Edit the profile Form > click on “+” to add a new field > see “Custom fields” to see all created fields from the Register form.

Retrieve Form Data Using PHP

You can use WordPress function get_user_meta() to retrieve the field value. Ultimate Member function um_user( $data ) may be useful in some cases.

You could also write a SQL query to retrieve the Ultimate member user data.