Field Types You Can Add Using Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member offers tremendous flexibility when it comes to adding fields to their Login, Register & Profile forms. You can add varieties of fields depending on your need. Good news is you can do that with the free version of Ultimate Member WordPress plugin.

Want to create a robust social media site? There are many different types of form fields and functionalities that may be available on a social media site. Some common examples include fields for entering a username, password, and email address to create an account; fields for posting updates, messages, or comments; and options for uploading and sharing photos or videos. Social media sites may also offer additional features and functionalities, such as the ability to search for other users, follow or connect with friends, create or join groups, or customize your profile or settings. 

The purpose of adding fields to a form is to collect information from users. By adding fields to a form, you can specify the type of information that you want to collect from users, such as text, numbers, or dates. This allows you to gather the information that you need in a structured and organized way. 

Ultimate Member offers exactly that. It lets you add 23 types of fields to your form. And it has 34 Predefined fields.

Field Type

1. Text Box

2. Telephone Box

3. Number

4. Textarea

5. Dropdown

6. Multi-Select

7. Radio

8. Checkbox

9. URL

10. Password

11. Image Upload

12. File Upload

13. Date Picker

14. Time Picker

15. Rating

16. Content Block

17. Shortcode

18. Spacing

19. Divider

20. Google Map

21. Youtube Video

22. Vimeo Video

23. SounCloud Track

Predefined Fields

1. Username

2. Username or E-mail

3. Password

4. First Name

5. Last Name

6. Nickname

7. Website URL

8. Registration Date

9. Last Login

10. E-mail Address

11. Secondary E-mail Add

12. Biography

13. Birth Date

14. Gender

15. Country

16. Facebook

17. Twitter

18. LinkedIn

19. Google+

20. Instagram

21. Skype ID

22. Viber number

23. WhatsApp number

24. Telegram

25. Discord

26. YouTube

27. SoundCloud

28. VKontakte

29. Roles (Dropdown)

30. Roles (Radio)

31. Languages

32. Phone Number

33. Mobile Number

34. User Rating

You can learn more about Ultimate Member field types by following this link.